Main features of SIOS Coati

No installation required
You can use it immediately after signing up

Since Coati is a SaaS service, installation is not required. Also, you do not need to configure an agent on the monitored instance. Monitoring can be started immediately after Initial setting as it automatically detects the monitoring target.

Easy settings for monitoring and recovery scenarios according to your system operation mode

Quickly configure your monitoring and recovery scenarios (monitoring target(s), recovery levels, etc.) from SIOS Coati’s user interface.

Automatically monitor your system 24/7 and recovery automatically and generate failure reports

SIOS Coati monitors the system and issues a recovery/failure report in case of failure 24/7 on behalf of system personnel so that it is not necessary to assign people for monitoring during nighttime and holidays, enabling significant reduction in operation costs.

Automation of operation monitoring

Image of Monitor system flow
  • After you sign up, SIOS Coati automatically detects available EC2 instances
  • SIOS Coati will automatically monitor all services in the selected instances
  • Since SIOS Coati automatically detects EC2 instances, you don’t have to reconfigure settings when you add or drop instances
  • Automatically correspond to various system configurations (for example, system with multiple regions or using multiple VPCs, etc.)

Flexible monitoring and recovery setting for each instance

Image of Monitoring and recovery settings
  • Monitoring mode (monitoring/recovery, unmonitor, monitoring only) can be set for each instance
  • You can set recovery action for each instance
    • Service restart and instance restart combined mode
    • Service restart only mode
    • Instance restart only mode

Flexible service monitoring and recovery settings

Image of flexible service monitoring and recovery settings
  • You can specify how to monitor each service

Send a log report when failure occurs

Image of a log report when failure occurs
  • Send notification by email to the specified address when Coati detects/recovers failure or fails to recover the system
  • SIOS Coati reports on the OS system information and the AWS status both before and after a failure is detected and recovery takes place
    • Failure report is to be provided

Report data details

Linux Windows
OS version information
Time information
Ring buffer information
Login history
Module list
RPM package list
SELinux status information
Parameter information
System information
Startup time information
User utilization
OS version information
Services list
Task list
Time information
OS configuration (domain/workstation)
Registered owner information
System startup time
Time zone
Application Hotfix
Process Process information
Automatic start process information
Network Network interface information
ARP information
Routing information
TCP, UDP socket information
Network interface information
ARP information
Routing information
TCP, UDP socket information
Disk Mount setting information
Mount status
Partition setting information
Disk drive utilization
Drive utilization
Volume allocation status
Instance Host name Host name
Memory Memory utilization
Slab level memory utilization
Swap area utilization
Virtual memory information
Memory utilization
Log boot log
cron log
Message log
System log
Application log
CloudWatch CPUCreditBalance, CPUUtilization, DiskReadBytes, DiskReadOps, DiskWriteBytes, DiskWriteOps, NetworkIn, NetworkOut, image_id, vpc_id, az_name, instance_id, instance_type, instance_state, security_groups, platform, key_pair, state_transition_reason

SIOS Coati integrates with leading monitoring and job management tools

SIOS Coati integrates with leading monitoring and job management tools