Automatically recovers the system when it detects a system failure running on Amazon EC2.
No need for engineers to do troubleshooting.

SIOS Coati is a cloud service which enables automation
of system operations and reduction of manual works for Amazon EC2.


Monitoring Mechanism

SIOS Coati performs troubleshooting and
engineers can focus on more valuable tasks

Orijinal flow

Image of Orijinal flow

Faulure detection with operation monitoring tool

  1. Monitoring is specifically built and configured,
    or of low accuracy
  2. Recover from failure manually
  3. Someone has to up all night to watch
  4. Engineers are waken up in the middle of the night
  1. Manual intervention is required for trouleshooting
  2. The reason why the operation cost does not decrease

Flow after introducint SIOS Coati

Image of Flow after introducint SIOS Coati

SIOS Coati recovers application (Hardware is managed by cloud)

  1. Easy monitoring settings & highly accurate checking
  2. Failure is automatically restored and
    no one has to stay up all night
  3. Engineer's troubleshooting is not required
  4. Information on cause investigation is available immediately
  1. Engineers can focus on more valuable tasks
  2. Reduce operation costs

Customer Success

Released from 24-hour monitoring and reduced costs dramatically


SIOS Coati enabled us to reduce costs by 80% and drastically cut man-hours for operations.
"AWS is good, but I cannot see what's going on there!" Wipe out anxiety of one-person IT with the automation tool

Ogura Holdings

Introduction of SIOS Coati enabled system monitoring and reduced our concerns dramatically.