What is SIOS Coati?

SIOS Coati is a cloud service that automates systems operations and reduces the manual work needed to manage EC2 environments.


Reduce downtime by letting SIOS Coati automatically recover your system when a failure is detected.
 Reduce the need for human intervention.

Easy to set up EC2 monitoring

SIOS Coati can be quickly set up to monitor all your EC2 instances and alert you when failures occur.

Let SIOS Coati monitor and troubleshoot
while your engineers focus on higher-value tasks

Orijinal flow

Image of Orijinal flow

Failure detection and restores
with traditional monitoring tools

  1. Monitoring is specifically built and configured,
    or of low accuracy
  2. Recover from failure manually
  3. Someone has to be up all night to watch
  4. Engineers are waken up in the middle of the night
  1. Manual intervention is required for troubleshooting
  2. Operational cost do not decrease

Flow after introducing SIOS Coati

Image of Flow after introducing SIOS Coati

Application recovery with SIOS Coati (Hardware is managed by cloud)

  1. Easy to set up
    and accurate
  2. Failing applications are automatically restored
  3. Engineers are not needed to troubleshoot and recover
  4. Information on cause investigation is available immediately
  1. Engineers can focus on more valuable tasks
  2. Reduce operation costs

See how AWS users are saving time and money using SIOS Coati

Freedom from 24-hour monitoring with dramatic cost reductions.


SIOS Coati enabled us to reduce costs by 80% and drastically cut man-hours for operations.
Cloud Operation Management That Physically and Mentally Released "One-Man IT Department" from Stress

Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Perfectly Working SIOS Coati Enables IT Personnel to Focus on Other Tasks
SIOS Coati provides maintenance-free and care-free operations at low cost so that the company can focus on providing the high quality content

Hobby JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Looking for an environment where employees can focus on creating content without worrying about server down